• Consultancy


    Experience in the industry combined with a broad knowledge base and technical expertise allows Hypertag to assist its customers

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  • platform/ solution provider

    platform/ solution provider

    Hypertag Solutions system to provide Support Services to include detected in its core solutions and Value Added Platform for telecommunication operators.

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  • Mobile payment

    Mobile payment

    Hypertag’s working in mobile payment solutions in to Bangladesh.We are on your wavelength experienced in bringing m-payments to market

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  • Foreign money transfer

    Foreign money transfer

    Hypertag provide foreign money transfer solutions.

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  • Banking to unbanked

    Banking to unbanked

    In recent year Bangladesh Bank has taken significant approach to promote mobile banking / branchless banking and banking to the unbanked population through mobile technology.

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  • Agent banking

    Agent banking

    The true power of agency banking cannot be unleashed until some trusted third parties are not involved in performing.

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  • m-Commerce


    Mobile commerce (m-commerce) is defined as the buying and selling of products and services through the use of wireless mobile devices.

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  • m-Insurance


    We offer insurance to suit the needs any type of business owner.Business property protection for your property, contents and more against loss, damage or theft.

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  • POS based Solutions

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    A global-ready POS solution environment that can be adapted to your business needs rather than vice versa,providing the features and technical capabilities .

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  • Custom Web Design

    Custom Web Design

    Hypertag Solutions Ltd. is a custom web design company offering design and development to businesses small and large.

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  • Web Application Develop

    Web Application Develop

    Well-designed and developed website successfully generates leads and sales, attracts new visitors whereas poor work can damage the company image.

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  • Mobile web development

    Title Here

    Hypertag Solutions Ltd. has expertise in mobile technologies and has developed high quality apps on major platforms.

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  • Search Engine optimization

    Search Engine optimization

    SEO optimization can have positive effects on your website’s online visibility.

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  • Proximity marketing

    Proximity marketing

    Hypertag’s “Proximity Marketing” offering an effective and affordable solution for communicating with a large audience within the proximity

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  • Online Marketing

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    Online Marketing is a field of advertising devoted to the promotion of products and services via the internet. We cover advertising conducted through email and wireless media.

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  • Bulk SMS

    Bulk SMS

    Bulk SMS is most effective tools for Marketing Communication, Product Promotion or Alert/Notification; we have huge number of segmented customer database for opt in communication.

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  • SMS Shortcode Services

    Title Here

    Hypertag empowers its customers to communicate between varied IT back‐end systems and mobile phones using SMS Services.

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  • CP solutions

    CP solutions

    Hypertag’s Content Services enable mobile operators to launch compelling services and content storefront / micro-portals for their subscribers.

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  • Mobile Application

    Mobile Application

    Hypertag Solutions Ltd. specializes in custom Mobile (J2me, Symbian, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows7), POS and web application development.

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