Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training (BMET)



An agreement was signed with HyperTAG Solutions Ltd. to supply and install of server, data backup system, LAN and development of immigration database for BMET at the Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training office.
Major Equipments were Database Server, Application Server, Web/Mail Server, Server Rack, Core Router, and customized software etc. Some of the scope of work area are:

  • Core switch

  • Server Farm Switch

  • E-mail System

  • Core Router

  • User manual, electrical goods and services


HyperTAG Solutions Ltd. established the system with world renowned brands which they has been offered to BMET’s new solution like Cisco, Dell, Oracle etc. The new solution would have the options for future upgradability.

  • Web based MIS

  • Database Server

  • Application Server

  • Web/mail Server

  • Training for Professional

Installation of Server
Data Back up System
Customized Software
Training for Professional


The network, with state of the art network infrastructure and access to broadband internet connections at a reasonable price, will support geographically dispersed students, academics, foreign buyers and businessman etc. with reliable access to high-end computing, simulation tools and databases. It will facilitate national and international collaboration and will catalyze innovation in the country.