E-Learning Course and Apps Development: Tourism and Hospitality Sector for BTEB

In order to strengthen the fundamental responsibility of BTEB under Ministry of Education that is providing information aimed to ICT enabled platform that could accumulate all necessary initiatives taken for the benefits at technical student’s end.


Specific objectives of Mobile and Game Development on TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training)

  • Establish an easier, faster and transparent framework e-Learning course management
  • Establish an easier, faster and transparent framework e-Learning course creation

  • Establish a proper channel e-Learning course information specification
  • Give online emergence permit of Multimedia content (video, audio & image) creation

  • Creating a platform for assignment uploading
  • Give online emergence permit of Exam & Quiz management
  • Establish an easier, faster and transparent framework certification management


Considering the scope of service & scope of work of this project and based on proposed project development & implementation methodology we have to submit a complete list of all types of deliverables throughout the entire project timeline whether those are materials, services, applications, source codes, documents, plans, reports etc. in a table format mentioning the stages, activities and timelines.

  • E-Learning website

  • E-Learning android & iOS app

  • Audio visual

  • Supplementary materials

  • Learning Simulators

  • Augmented reality

  • Training & Knowledge transfer

  • Promotion and Advertisement

  • Maintenance & Support service

E-Learning Website
E-Learning Android & iOS app
Audio Visual
Supplementary Materials
Learning Simulators
Augmented Reality
Training & Knowledge Transfer
Promotion & Advertisement
Maintenance & Support Service


The ultimate aim is to provide accurate and satisfactory service to the technical student, BTEB has planned to develop some mobile application and games depending on the trade. So that all the technical student can get all the courses information about the course, can give exam from the course and some other activities they can do from the course. And there will be some inbuilt game so that they have time to refresh themselves.