It’s basically a computer vision based face recognition, object detection, real-time tracking, monitoring, and scene detection system from image and CCTV footage.


This is basically a Computer Vision based monitoring system. It can work as Traffic Analytics, Access Control and Monitoring & Security system. By Facial Recognition, the system can easily detect Human Face, Age and Sex etc. Some scope of works are given below:

  • Face Detection

  • Facial Expression Detection

  • Object Tracking

  • Traffic Analysis

  • Monitoring & Surveillance


An agreement signed with HyperTAG Solutions Ltd. to provide Computer Vision based Face detection & Monitoring System for Retail Showroom. It is a complete solution with Dashboard.

  • Computer Vision based Face detection kit

  • Intelligent Camera

  • Dashboard

  • Installation

  • Maintenance & Support

AI Based Product
Customize Software
Maintenance & Support


This complete monitoring system will bring more revenue by analyzing traffic, object detection, and facial expression of sales person and customer. There will be an interactive dashboard by which anyone can check the activity and generate report from the dashboard. Surely it will help the management to take effective decision by identifying growth, activity and customer satisfaction.