Project Description


A comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT) based sound management system for hospital


This is a complete IoT based Sound Management System which will be used for managing sound time to time, sound monitoring and sound capture. It will be connected through wi-fi. There will be interactive dashboard for managing all the sound related activities.

  • Sound Sensor

  • Wi-fi Module

  • Buzzer

  • Sound Filtering kit

  • Dashboard


An agreement signed with HyperTAG Solutions Ltd. to provide IoT based sound management system for Hospital Authority. By this system, the authority could easily manage, monitor and control sound what they want. The deliverables are given below:

  • IoT based Sound Management Kit

  • Interactive Dashboard

  • Installation

  • Maintenance & Support

IoT Based Product
Customize Software
Maintenance & Support


This Internet of Things (IoT) based complete Sound Management System will help the hospital authority to check the noise where exceed their limit, easily identify the noisy area, set maximum level of Decibels (DB) what they want through the interactive dashboard. There will be siren option by which the audience could easily understand that they are crossing maximum limit. This will bring more quit and sophisticated environment which will be better for hospital authority, patients and audiences.